In line with the Protestant Reformers, this site and book stands on the Historic interpretation of the 'little horn' of Daniel 7 and 8 as being the Antichrist of Bible prophecy. His other names are 'the man of sin' and the 'son of perdition'. 2 Thessalonians 2:3.4.   In terminology we use today, it is the Roman Catholic Church or the Papacy.

We have no antagonism with Roman Catholic people, only the system headed by the pope.   

This book shows the reaction of the Catholic Church to the ten horns among whom this little horn arose, and what took place in history during the 4th century to uproot three of the ten horns.   Daniel 7:

The importance of this book is to show the history and condition of the world during the first few centuries and how the belief of Arianism arose.   It shows how the Nicene Creed came into being and the reaction of those who either accepted it or rejected it.

At the end of this world's history, persecution will arise again and the same three groups will take part in it -- the Roman Catholic Church, the churches of Christendom, and the remnant.  The people of the world will decide in which group they would rather stand. but at the loss of their livelihood, it is easy to guess.  Revelation 13:15.16.   In the end there will only be two groups, the saved and the lost.

Welcome to 'Nicaea and the World'.

​                                        Margaretha Tierney

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Nicaea and the World